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24 août 2012 5 24 /08 /août /2012 15:49
Mysterious  withdrawals against  "Archives of Neurology" and ''L'Encéphale" at Bicêtre's hosptial librairy publishings about Food Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) malabsorption as  causuality  to Neuropsychiatric disturbances in ederly Patients.

Archives of Neurology already 1990 accepte for publication an article devoted to abnormal vitamin B12 metabolism in human immunodeficiency virus infection associated with neurological and psychiatric dysfunctions.


Whas'nt it because I already 1991 and again september 1997 submit Pr. Gérard Saïdexistences of those articles Gérard Saïd decided october 1997 Bicêtre's Hospital Directorate cease the subscription to Archives of Neurology at the hospital's library and withdraw the back issues from the casebook ?

In a report about a 64-Year-old woman, "L'Encépnale" (C. Durand; S. Mary; P. Brazo; S. Dollfus  dec. 2003 Vol 29 (6), p. 560 - 565. "Délire Capgras chez une patiente de 64 ans atteinte d'une maladie de Biermer") describes a similare case I had to care sommertimes 1990. He was also admitted to hospitalisation because of confusion.


Admitted the first august at Pr. G. Saïd department, my father had as this woman no history of psychiatric problems.


He had severe hypertension (up to 24/13 or more ) and left ilio-femoral prosthesis (for more informations see O.Illes' report dated 20 september 1990 at Google 69970222 and 109199774 html).


At admission he was as she was uncooperative, disoriented, and presented memory and attention impairment, sleep disorders, seemed sad but not as she obviously older than his real age (79 y.o). Facial expression and spontaneous movements were reduced, his speech and movements were slow. He had depressed mood, guilt complex, devaluation but not incurability impressions. He had delusion of persecution (was convinced I wanted him to die ... as it was perhaps rather the physicians' wants ? ), a Capgras' syndrome (he did not recognize me as his truly son) and his neurologic IRM examination was as she postponed because of fear and uncooperation.
Immediate neurological examination shows spasticity, patullar clonus, the plantars were pyramidal, his left inferior member shows paresia  and severe burning disesthesia.
Intrinsic factor was negative, severe anorexia and Hunter glossitis were noted september 1990 by the head nurse. His mental state improved strongly 3 to 4 weeks after the beginning of the treatment (MMSE 25/30 to 22/30 under 500µg/im/week Vitamin B 12 traitment under the supervision of  Pr. Saids' neurologic department up to 30/30 with 1000 µg/day at Charles-Foix's geriatric hospital under my responsability)  
September 2004 I submitted to Pr. Saïd  the refind recording  Schilling test results thanks  Pr. Gilbert Tchernia, hematologist at Bicêtre's hospital, results which were  not at 35%, but at 5% ! ..........


                                                                             Pierre Cretien, MD.  Phone 06 78 58 96 21



Follwings  at  "A french unregognized and shamefull occurrence" 109409648 html






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