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18 décembre 2012 2 18 /12 /décembre /2012 14:13

A new concept could be an efficient and profitable alternativ to the costly Severn barrage tidal energy project and to the "waves dragon".


The "STSMC" technology could have been performed already since a long time in France to replace the remarkable but costly Rance estuary tidal power barrage, because no estuary is needed to provide high tidal power with the "VMF". A high and  even a less high tidal rank to catch tidal power is necessary.


How high the tidal ranks (in french called "marnages") are in the whales ?


May be not so high as at the Normandie coast or at the "Côtes d'Armor". But surely enough to makes the VMF system suitable.


Why such a "basic" and profitable invention has not been found earlier is a mystery !


But the fact is : the STSMC  may be the greatest invention of the century, worth the no less that the Nobel price. 


I need and expect some sponsor to convice political authorities. I sist wrote that way to Nicolas Hulot and to the french first minister. The EELV (Europ Ecologie Les Verts) party should be highly interested. But it is said that one is not a prophet in his own country.


Please see previous articles in this blog  - written in french - to come to more understanding to how it works. Or phone Pierre Cretien (see previoux articles) 








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